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MediaTakeOut is a blog-style website that covers entertainment and celebrity news. It has a particular focus on African American topics and celebrities. Its founder is a former corporate lawyer who founded the site in 2006. It has excellent brand equity and attracts good sources. In addition, the website also covers African issues.

Mwangaguhunga is a former corporate lawyer.

Fred Mwangaguhunga is an entrepreneur and a former corporate lawyer who runs a celebrity news site. He is from Washington, D.C., and studied law at Columbia University. He is also the founder of Media Take Out, a celebrity gossip website. His work has broken stories like Kim Kardashian’s first pregnancy and Michael Jordan’s divorce.

Mwangaguhunga grew up in Queens and earned his law and business degrees from Columbia University. After spending time as a corporate lawyer on Wall Street, he pursued his entrepreneurial interests. He founded an online laundry service with his wife and started MediaTakeout. The two initially faced a lot of resistance from their family members, but they persevered and saw a huge business opportunity.

MediaTakeOut has attracted the ire of some in the media industry. It has been accused of being fake. One GQ profile showed Mwangaguhunga socializing with LaLa Anthony. Another website called The Dirty accused Mwangaguhunga of stealing content. The site published Anthony Weiner’s dick pictures and claimed that Mwangaguhunga had stolen screenshots of Casper Smart flirting with Sofie Vissa, a transsexual model. Mwangaguhunga also discussed Kanye West’s dick pictures.

He founded mediatakeout in 2006

Mediatakeout is a website that targets African American celebrities. Its home page features celebrity news, headlines, and comments. Founded in 2006, the site has grown to over 50 million unique visitors each month and consistently generates 10 times the traffic of its competitors. It is the second most popular website for video content on Facebook, behind Buzzfeed. The site has a unique blend of personality and humor that draws in readers.

The site’s visitor base is primarily black women, with 46 percent of its visitors being black women. This translates into a broad penetration of the black market. The site’s two most prominent groups are white women and black men. Mediatakeout was once represented by Marvet Britto of the Britto Agency, an advertising firm in Manhattan.

Mediatakeout was founded in 2006 and has become one of the most popular urban news websites. It has helped break countless stories, including Kanye West’s infamous Madison Square Garden show. The company has been one of the world’s top 50 black-owned websites. The success of the site has primarily been attributed to the use of social media sites.

The site is a blog-style gossip site that focuses on the lives and entertainment of African American celebrities. The site has over 15 million monthly visitors and has become a trusted source of information for its readers.

He attracts good sources.

Mediatakeout is a website that specializes in breaking news stories. Its style speaks to its audience and features enticing headlines. Its founder, Fred Mwangaguhunga, trained as a lawyer before starting the media outlet. It has become popular worldwide, but he says he will never return to law.

The site has a loyal following and averages 16.3 million viewers every month. Its founder, a former corporate lawyer, has a net worth of $10 million. He quit his legal career to pursue business ventures and blogging. He is African-American and has suffered some backlash. Kanye West attacked the site, so it closed down its Facebook page in 2016. However, the website is still one of the top news agencies for African Americans.

The success of Mediatakeout is based on its substantial brand equity. The founder took a cue from the technology firms and focused on building a loyal audience. This helped him command higher advertising rates and attract critical sources. The site has become popular globally in a short time. The site is a revenue generator for its authors through ads and has earned millions of visitors per month.

He has substantial brand equity.

Media Takeout is a popular news site with a unique storytelling style. The site features celebrities in everyday situations, and its videos have landed on sites like Gawker and Buzzfeed. The site also has a large following on Twitter and is very active on Instagram and Snapchat. It also has over two million Facebook fans.

One of the primary reasons for the success of Mediatakeout is its focus on readers. The site has a highly targeted audience, which makes it very attractive to advertisers. Its strategy is to attract readers and build website content. It has become profitable after just six months. Its CEO, Fred, attributes the site’s success to early realizations and investments in building its brand equity. The site plans to expand its reach into other media, including television and radio shows.

In addition to establishing a presence on the web, Mediatakeout also has substantial brand equity because of its relationships with high-profile celebrities. It has developed a relationship with Kanye West, who used Mediatakeout to review his shows at Madison Square Garden. In addition, the site has uncovered many high-profile stories and kept them quiet about others.

He is a competitor of TMZ.

MediaTakeOut is a media website that claims to reach 92 percent of African Americans. It has 30 million unique viewers a month. Its storylines constantly change, but its product is as reliable as dirt. Fred Mwangaguhunga, the site’s owner, has faced accusations of stealing content.

MediaTakeout breaks the news and has been known for exposing controversial stories. They are credited with being the first to report Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy and Kevin Durant’s engagement. They also claim firsthand information, and the public laps it up. The result is social engineering at its most blatant.

He has a strong readership.

MediaTakeOut is one of the most popular news sites on the Internet. The site attracts a broad audience with a diverse coverage of world news, entertainment, and lifestyle topics. It is a popular destination for people who like a serious discussion but enjoy light, fun news. It includes topics ranging from fashion, film reviews and reliable communication. Its broad coverage is an asset to a wide audience and makes it one of the most valuable sources of information on various life issues.

In the past, MediaTakeOut has broken several news stories and gained a loyal following. It is one of the top 50 black-owned news websites worldwide and has a solid readership. The site has become popular due to its social media platforms.

The website has a unique storytelling style, with videos featuring celebrities in everyday situations. Many of these videos have been featured on Gawker and Buzzfeed. The site is an excellent source of celebrity news and has a large following on Twitter. It is also active on Instagram and Snapchat. Moreover, it has more than two million Facebook fans, making it one of the world’s top websites for celebrity news.

The website is based in Washington, DC, and is run by Fred Mwangaguhunga. Mwangaguhunga is a trained lawyer who has been living in the U.S. for 10 years. Although his website has received criticism for reporting fake stories, it has continued to be a popular news site and has broken several high-profile stories.

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John Mark

John is a seasoned article writer with a vast experience in writing articles for different publications. He has been published on sites like networkustad.com, editorialdiary.com and articlebench.org.

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