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Hiring a TripSitter

If you’re a tripper, you may be interested in hiring a tripsitter. A tripsitter should know the tripper’s life, including their favorite music, food, spiritual beliefs, and movies. They should also be able to communicate with the tripper so that everyone is on the same page regarding the day’s events. Before the trip, the sitter and tripper should discuss the tripper’s plans for the day.

Psychedelic trip sitters

A tripsitter is a person who remains sober while another person takes a psychedelic or spiritual drug. They can also be called spotters or co-pilots. The purpose of this person is to facilitate the trip and not get involved with the drug-taking process.

Psychedelic trip sitters may suggest what to do during a trip, but it is important not to try to push activities on the participant. The experience may be uncomfortable and challenging, but these feelings can be valuable for the participant’s self-development. However, if the participant is not interested in a specific activity, the sitter may need to assist with a talk.

Sitters must be aware of the risks of psychedelic use and provide a safe environment for their participants. Sitters must be calm and avoid letting the participants become too anxious or depressed. They should also be alert for any medical emergencies. They should provide comfort and seek medical help when necessary.

Before participating in a psychedelic trip, knowing what kind of substance you are taking is important. The effects of medium and high doses last six to nine hours. After this time, you will be vulnerable and may need help cooking, taking care of children, or taking out a meal. Moreover, if you are taking an SSRI anti-depressant, psychedelics may not be for you. If you are accepting these substances, consult with your physician or a professional before embarking on a trip.

Psychedelic tripsitter can make a huge difference in the quality of the experience. Sitters can help the person on a psychedelic trip by gently massaging their hands or offering sober and calm energy. Moreover, they can help the person on psychedelics understand the effects and use of psychedelics.

Psychedelic therapy

A tripsitter, also known as a sober sitter, is a person who is present during a person’s experience of a non-ordinary state of consciousness. Typically a friend or family member, a tripsitter offers emotional support and sometimes performs simple tasks to ease the journeyer’s anxiety. They also hold space for the journeyer in case of emergency. Trip sitters are often required for at-home ketamine therapy sessions, and it is best if the person accompanying has some experience in dealing with altered states of consciousness.

Ideally, a sitter is a compassionate and non-judgmental individual who shares the experience of the tripper. If the sitter is not a trained therapist, they should be willing to learn about the therapeutic process and the use of psychedelics. A tripsitter should also be ready to learn about the client’s medical and psychological history and psychedelic-related medications. However, it is important to note that a sitter should not try to steer the trip, as this may interfere with the process of the drug.

In the United States, ketamine therapy is widely used. It is now available in some areas of Canada and the European Union. MDMA-assisted psychotherapy is becoming commonplace, and psilocybin clinics are cropping up in Oregon and Canada.

The process of psychedelic therapy can last two or more sessions, depending on the substance and practitioner. The sessions usually involve drug-free sessions before the psychedelic experiences. Sometimes, however, a therapist may recommend a psychedelic substance for one or more sessions. For instance, one session with LSD may not provide lasting change. Sometimes, a patient may require up to 12 sessions before progressing to the next level.

Keeping calm on trip day

Keeping calm on the trip day is important for the tripping person and the sitter. Trippers are particularly sensitive to the environment, and their mood can affect the trip. To help the tripping person stay calm, some sitters suggest bringing a book to read and not checking their phone. Others recommend wearing a watch.

If the tripper feels anxious, try to introduce distractions. You could watch a nature documentary together, take a walk, or do something fun together. Other classic recommendations include changing scenery, lighting, and music. These can change the mood very quickly. Alternatively, the tripper can choose an activity to do with the sitter.

Setting expectations

Setting expectations for your tripsitter is an important part of the process. You want your sitter to have the right mindset for the job. The tripper may have specific needs, such as taking notes or going outdoors after reaching the peak experience. Regardless of how your sitter will spend the day, it would help if you were sure to discuss these with them ahead of time.


To be a good tripsitter, you must have the necessary skills and experience. You must be calm and helpful and have a good understanding of the substance you are responsible for. In addition, you should be aware of the psychological factors involved. Additionally, it would help if you had plenty of time to devote to your assignment.

Before the trip, you should discuss expectations with the tripper. It would help if you also talked about your boundaries and intentions. It will also be helpful if you know how the tripper feels about mushrooms. You should also be aware of the tripper’s spiritual beliefs, favorite movies, and music. Once you know how to approach the tripper, you should plan for the day. This way, you and the tripper will be on the same page throughout the day.

As a trip sitter, you are responsible for ensuring that the participants have a safe environment. You must remain calm throughout the trip. You must also know how to deal with minor medical emergencies. If you cannot manage minor injuries, it is best to call a doctor. If you are unsure what to do, read up on first aid.

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John is a seasoned article writer with a vast experience in writing articles for different publications. He has been published on sites like, and

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