Three Reasons to Choose Practice Velocity EHR Software

When choosing the right urgent care software, it’s important to consider the availability of live support, which is vital for any urgent IT support company. Practice Velocity offers live support to patients and providers 24 hours a day. The company is based in the United States, and they provide software that interfaces with the laboratory.

Cloud-based EHRs

When choosing a Cloud-based practice management software, it is important to decide whether you want a web application or a Windows application. Both types of applications use the internet to connect to servers, storage, and databases. The key difference is that Windows applications typically use compiled machine language code to provide faster performance. On the other hand, web applications use HTML and Javascript to create machine language code on the fly.

Practice Velocity EHR software integrates with a practice management system and allows physicians to easily create robust patient medical histories. The software also allows medical practices to track claims and detect data entry errors. Other features include denial analysis and automatic statement mailing. It even features advanced dictation technology. The company’s EHR solution is compatible with the Meaningful Use Initiative (MUI), a government initiative designed to increase the use of EHRs.

Practice Velocity’s Cloud-based EHR software allows physicians to customize it to meet their specific needs. The system also provides many convenient features, including ‘donut’ graphics that prioritize time-sensitive tasks and highlight them for quick resolution. The practice management software also offers patient cards that feature chronologically ordered summaries of patient information. Customization options enable physicians to customize patient cards to their specialty and workflow, and they can be displayed on every screen of the EHR.

The Cloud-based EHR is also available for specialty practices. These facilities are at the front line of healthcare and are often stretched thin in resources. Smart tools can make specialty practices more efficient and improve the patient experience. Specialty-specific EHR content, a convenient patient portal, and revenue-cycle management software can help specialty practices provide better care.

Improve patient experience

Practice Velocity provides industry-leading software solutions to medical practices. Its technology allows physicians to use electronic medical records and store digital records, and to automate billing and medical coding. Its software is used by primary care physicians, urgent care centers, and outpatient specialty physicians.

Practice Velocity offers an array of EMR solutions for urgent care, as well as billing and credentialing services. The company’s Doc EMR, for example, is cloud-based and uses point-and-click functionality to help physicians create accurate, timely records. It also features automatic generation of pertinent questions, diagnoses, and procedures. Its EMR also includes an appointment scheduling feature.

Practice Velocity is an expert in urgent care EMR software. It recently announced a new feature called “Chronic Problem Management.” This feature allows healthcare providers to chart a patient’s care based on a known problem. This makes it easier for providers to give the right care to patients who have recurring problems. Moreover, it provides a single view of a patient’s health information (HPI) and streamlines patient care.

In addition to improving patient experience, PE technology helps medical practices make better business decisions. Its insights can help them stay compliant and get paid what they deserve. PE technology enables clinics to measure performance, analyze trends, and set meaningful KPIs. By using the information obtained from PE technology, clinicians can better manage their practice’s workload and cut costs and time.

Reduce collection time

A number of practice management and EHR software solutions are available to help physicians manage their collections and improve patient experience. These solutions often provide online payment options and allow providers to preauthorize credit card payments. With these features, collection time can be reduced to a significant extent. The revenue cycle team will have more time to spend with patients.

Practice Velocity’s PVM solution helps practices register patients, verify insurance eligibility in real-time, split billing for patients with multiple insurance providers, automate work lists, and speed up patient payments. It has been in business for 12 years and employs more than 230 individuals. Founded in a garage in 2002, Practice Velocity has expanded from its initial focus on EHR solutions to practice management software. The company’s headquarters is in Machesney Park, Illinois.

Practice Velocity’s EMR is called VelociDoc (r). It was rated as a #1 Category Leader in the “Best in KLAS Software & Services” report by independent research firm KLAS. VelociDoc is a cloud-based EMR with customizable interface. It is ICD-10-compatible and is ideal for solo practitioners and midsized medical sets with 11-50 physicians.

Another EMR that helps physicians manage their practices is DocuTAP EMR & PM. It has several features designed for urgent care practices. It also offers revenue cycle management capabilities. Developed by the DocuTAP company in the United States, this EMR solution offers many customizable features. Its rivals include Practice Velocity EHR and QuickPractice. These two EMR software solutions provide doctors with easy navigation, scheduling tools, and smarter billing support.

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