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Do you think that email marketing is a relic of the past and no one reads your promotional emails? Actually, you are partly correct. A usual mailout can bring you few results. Email databases are not always great, and some of the messages go straight to the spam folder. 

Other users don’t read promotional emails and delete them right away because they are not interested. The solution is to get subscriptions of your own visitors. This way is effective but takes a lot of effort and time. Nowadays, you have a more efficient variant offered by SafeOpt. Is it a scam or a promising new solution? Let’s analyze all the aspects of their offer and see.

SafeOpt Service for Brands and Customers

This innovative service found a way to send commercial offers to the people who want them. It’s so simple that it’s strange no one has thought about this earlier. Obviously, the service is different for both sides of the process because their goals differ. Clients need up-to-date information about sales and new collections, and businesses want to increase the conversion rate. Let’s see what you can expect from this platform as a customer and as a company owner.

For Customers

Every day you visit different resources and shop online. Obviously, you are interested in sales and beneficial offers. And, of course, you don’t mind getting this information directly to your email. It means that you don’t receive spam, only important and desirable messages.

The service is completely free, and you don’t have to share your email. The system generates your unique ID, and when you visit the site of the partner from this device, it gets the data about your interests. After that, you can become a part of this company mailout about the sales. 

It’s a fast and safe opportunity to stay up to date and protect your contacts from unwanted activity. In order to participate in this program, you don’t have to install special software or pay. Just enter the email in the special window on the official site, and get only the offers you want.

For Companies

As a business owner, you’ll receive a wonderful opportunity to notify your target audience about your offers. The most precious thing about this system is that the emails are sent only to the people interested in your goods or services. The system spots when one of the program participants visits your site and adds their ID to your mailout list.

As a result, your emails are sent to the people interested in your offer. You can be sure that the information about sales, new collections and services, and discounts will reach potential clients. It’s an incredibly useful tool for eCommerce resource promotion. Service requires the installation of software to spot the visitors that joined the program. The process is fast and comparatively easy.

Benefits for eCommerce Resources

By joining this service, you become a part of a large and impeccably functional network. For any online shop, SafeOpt promises the following benefits:

creation of the email list of the target audience;


increase CTR;


improvement of a conversion rate;


better user experience, etc.


The platform can achieve these goals because of the perfectly organized system we described before. As you can see, joining SafeOpt can be beneficial for any eCommerce project. But, let’s resort to specific examples of the platform’s activity and the results of the clients.

Example 1

The first case study tells us about a travel company that used the service for a year. Traveling business experienced a hard time recently because of the pandemic and multiple limitations for crossing borders; that’s why it’s an illustrative example of SafeOpt effectiveness.

When the company joined the service a year ago, it got connected to a network of more than 175 million people. For this firm, it meant an increase in email sending at least three-fold. Keep in mind that they were interested in traveling and had visited the site before.

The open rate of the sent emails becomes 45.8% which signifies a high level of interest. CTR reached 11%, and the conversion rate raised up to 2.3%. This travel client’s results are from 12 months of their SafeOpt Email campaign. They generated $4.8M in revenue from lost shoppers and sent 965.3K emails in just one year with their SafeOpt campaign.

Example 2

Another great example of the effectiveness of this way of email marketing is a jewelry company. The specific of this sector causes long searches and comparisons between different vendors. It means that clients surf different online shops and check the prices, assortment, and special offers. 

Sometimes they forget to return to your store, and an email sent on time can change the game. Email campaigns can be incredibly efficient in this sector. Let’s see the results of this one. During the campaign, the company could send 642 thousand extra emails. The open rate was 32.9%, and the CTR reached 10%.

Since this jewelry client partnered with SafeOptĀ® one year ago, their SafeOptĀ® Email campaign has generated 117.9 million in revenue from lost shoppers.

Example 3

Another sector with typically long decision-making is luxury brands. The client understands that they require great spending and takes time to select the necessary thing and brand. As you know, the more time gap between browsing and the purchase, the lower the conversion rate. As in the previous example, a reminder in the form of an email can push the visitor to the right decision.

In this case, people opened 36.4% of sent emails. CTR was 14%, and the final conversion rate reached 13%. These SafeOpt Email campaign results show this luxury brand’s results from just seven months of their SafeOpt campaign. Their campaign had a 13% conversion rate and generated an additional $1.4 million in revenue for the client. 

These examples show the efficiency of the services for different eCommerce projects. The results are truly impressive, and these companies were able to earn much more money. SafeOpt reviews you can find on the Internet highlight the increased productivity of email campaigns from this service, and we tend to agree with them. 

Other Indicators of SafeOpt Service

We have already confirmed the campaign’s effectiveness, but each business’s functioning consists of several parts. We can’t make a definitive conclusion without taking them all into consideration.

Legal Aspect

This side of company activity is completely normal. Customers give permission to send them emails and are ready to get the information from sites they visit. All the sending is performed in accordance with the CAN-SPAM act. This law determines the rules of sending all commercial emails, and it forbids contacting a person without given permission.

In this case, customers leave the email addresses of their own free will, and this means official consent. For a business owner, it means that you can freely use the data received from SafeOpt without any risk of getting penalties and fines. 

Data Security

The protection of personal information is a major problem in the modern world. Reliable companies take it very seriously, and SafeOpt is a pleasant example. In fact, they don’t even share emails with their partners. The system generates a unique ID and uses it as your identifier. It means that you can be sure that other companies won’t get your contacts and send you spam.

Only the participants of the program can reach you, but all the communications are carried through the SafeOpt system, and the partners don’t have access to your contact information.

The Cost of Services

The service is completely free for the customers. They don’t need to pay something in order to get valuable information and beneficial offers. Companies have to pay, but only for real clients. Joining the system and setting up a campaign doesn’t cost anything. The participants pay only for the results.

Convenience of Use

For customers, service doesn’t require the installation of special software or other complex actions. All you need to do is to enter the email into a special field and join the program. If you want to manage the setting later, enter your email into the Privacy Preferences Center, and you will receive an email with a link to manage your settings per brand. You will only see the opt-in status for brands you’ve interacted with and your opt-in status for the entire network.

For companies process a little longer. They have to make some preparations. SafeOpt can work with any platform where you can install JavaScript tags. The installation process requires two simple JavaScript tags to be added to your site’s template, theme, or tag manager, such as Google Tag Manager, Tealium, etc. Usually, it doesn’t cause any trouble, but you can always get a consultation from the specialists.

All in all, we can make a conclusion that the service is quite convenient and easy to use. Considering all the factors mentioned above, we can name SafeOpt a modern and efficient solution for email marketing and brand promotion.

The Drawbacks

We analyzed multiple SafeOpt email reviews and studied all the materials presented on the official site, and we were able to find only one object of complaint. To tell the truth, it’s not directly the fault of the service, but let’s revise this topic step by step.

Sometimes customers can’t remember giving their consent to receive emails from the participants of the program. SafeOpt has a partner network with 2,000+ large brands and publishers. When people sign up for emails on a site in our partner network, they can join our network at the same time. Typically, this is presented as a check box on whatever form the user is filling out, but it varies from site to site.

The roots of the problem are usually in bad business practices. Partners of the system don’t usually highlight the note that the email would be added to the system. It can create confusion. Technically, it’s still legal because the customers give the confirmation, but the ethical aspect isn’t that clear. It’s an area of grey practices.

We couldn’t find proof that SafeOpt encourages such behavior. On the contrary, the official site provides clear information about the purposes and goals of the service. The service itself is an example of white hat practices. Unfortunately, the irresponsible actions of some publishers and partners cast reflections on the company’s reputation.

Anyway, you can change your settings anytime on the official site. And we also recommend paying attention to all your actions on the Internet. It will save you from many other problems that could be much core serious than getting unwanted emails.


SafeOpt is an interesting solution for eCommerce companies promoting their goods and services over the Internet. It can complement your email marketing tactics and bring you more traffic. Obviously, the service can’t solve all the problems, and you have to pay attention to the optimization of the resource and other measures. 

The efficiency of this service is obvious. On the official site, you can find different examples of results for various businesses. They show the results you can expect in your market sector. The price can vary depending on your company goal and the nature of the shop you have. Check the exact conditions before signing an agreement.

As we saw in the case studies, the campaigns can be extremely beneficial, especially if your sector implies a long decision window and if you sell luxury products. It’s not a magic wand, and this service only brings you visitors. It’s up to you if they’d become clients. Anyway, SafeOpt is a tool; if you use it wisely and in combination with other instruments, the results will exceed your expectations.

If you have concerns about legal issues, we are ready to dispel them. The company functions according to the laws, and there is no risk of getting penalties. As a result of our analysis of all aspects of SafeOpt service, we should admit that it’s a valid solution for a modern eCommerce business.

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John Mark
John is a seasoned article writer with a vast experience in writing articles for different publications. He has been published on sites like, and

John Mark

John is a seasoned article writer with a vast experience in writing articles for different publications. He has been published on sites like, and

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