The Use Of A Mattress Protector Comes With Many Benefits

One of the first things any outstanding bedding sales representative should do when a customer purchases a bed frame set or mattress is to provide the buyer with a mattress protector. One of the most important factors a sales consultant for bedding can accomplish for their clients is this. Most clients respond to the idea by saying “No” and mumbling about having already spent too much money on the bed. They regard the recommendation as just an upselling ploy. However, the truth is that a bamboo mattress protector is an ideal accessory you must get for your new bed.

Maintains The Cleanliness Of Your Mattress

Mattress protectors lay over your bed similarly to a fitted sheet and are readily removable and machine washable. Most mattress covers are waterproof, so no matter what you or your kids spill on your mattresses—be it juice, tea, or even food—the liquid won’t be absorbed by the mattress. It will stop unsightly odours and enduring stains from accumulating over time. And as you are all aware, mishaps may and will occur! In such a case, you should take the mattress protector from your bed, clean it, and then put it through the washing machine.

Helps Maintain A Cleaner And Healthier Mattress

Every one of you perspires, produces oil from your skin, and sheds dead skin cells while you sleep. Over time, your bedding can absorb all of these substances, which can be challenging to clean once this happens. According to studies, mattresses may contain up to 4.5 kg of skin debris and up to 160 litres of sweat and other bodily fluids collected over eight years. However, using a bed cover can significantly lower the risk of this occurring and guarantee that your mattress stays clean for longer.

Helps Those With Allergies

Dust mites are microscopic animals that consume the dead skin cells your mattress absorbs. Almost every home has dust mites. These tiny organisms have been demonstrated to cause allergy symptoms in some people, including sneezing, coughing, and difficulty breathing. The  dander in your home will automatically decrease if you use a mattress protector and lower the number of dead skin cells your mattress absorbs. It is because if you do not utilise a mattress protector, dust mites might have insufficient sources of food to live off of and multiply. Therefore, if you frequently experience allergies, especially when sleeping, a bed protector can be the answer you’ve been seeking for.

Ensures The Validity Of Your Guarantee

The warranty on your bedding will almost probably be void if it has any kind of stain or blemish. Therefore, there is no use in purchasing a brand-new mattress with, for example, a 10-year guarantee if the warranty is null and invalid after just one year. Given the situation, getting a mattress covering to protect your purchase is a no-brainer.


Many individuals don’t realise how vital a bamboo mattress protector is and use it to make more money. If you have a new smartphone but don’t cover its screen or body with a case or screen guard, it’s pretty much the same as if you don’t use a mattress protector on your bed, which, indeed, none of you does. Even if you already own a bed and have been using it for a while, you should still think about investing in a new bedding cover to maximise the lifespan of your current mattress.

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