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Mindy Crenshaw (Drake & Josh) – The Female Villains

Mindy Crenshaw is a recurring antagonist in the Nickelodeon TV series Drake & Josh. She is an over-achieving student at Walter Whitely High School and one of Drake and Josh’s arch-enemies. Mindy is shown to be very intelligent, getting good grades and being the leader of the school mathletes. However, she is also shown to be a very bossy know-it-all, which often gets her into trouble. For example, in the episode “Mindy Loves Josh,” she tries to take over Josh’s date with Tori by ordering him around and trying to control everything. This led to Josh breaking up with her.

Who is Mindy Crenshaw?

Mindy Crenshaw is a recurring character on the Nickelodeon sitcom Drake & Josh. Miranda Cosgrove portrays her. Mindy is Drake and Josh’s main rival and a popular Girl at school who torment them regularly. She is also Megan’s best friend, which often causes problems for Drake and Josh since Megan usually takes Mindy’s side over theirs.

Despite her cold exterior, Mindy does have a softer side which is occasionally shown throughout the series. For example, in one episode, she helps Drake and Josh get back together after falling out. However, these moments are usually few and far between as Mindy generally remains antagonistic towards them for most of the show.

Mindy Crenshaw History

Mindy Crenshaw was born on October 15, in San Diego, California. She is of average height and weight, with brown hair and eyes. Mindy is a genius, as she graduated from high school at 10. She then attended Yale University, where she majored in psychology.

Mindy first appears in the episode “Mindy Loves Josh.” At first, she seems like a sweet and innocent girl who has a crush on Josh Peck. However, it is soon revealed that Mindy is a manipulative sociopath who will do anything to make Josh her boyfriend.

Throughout the series, Mindy continues stalling and harassing Josh to make him her boyfriend. She often uses underhanded tactics to sabotage Josh’s relationships with other girls. In the end, however, Mindy always fails to win Josh’s heart.

Mindy’s Personality

Mindy Crenshaw was one of the primary antagonists of Drake & Josh. Allison Scagliotti portrayed her.

Mindy was an intelligent, popular, and beautiful teen girl who attended Walnut High School along with her best friend/sidekick Jennifer. She had a massive crush on Josh Nichols and would stop at nothing to make his life miserable and force him to date her, even going as far as faking her kidnapping to spend time with him.

Despite her intelligence, Mindy was also quite ditzy and airheaded at times, especially when it came to Josh. This was most likely because she was head-over-heels in love with him and couldn’t think straight whenever she was around him. However, she could also be very cunning when she wants to be, such as when she tricked Drake into thinking that he won an all-expenses paid trip to Hawaii so that she could go on the vacation with him and Josh (and make their lives a living nightmare in the process).

Mindy was a spoiled brat who always got what she wanted. She was used to getting her way and didn’t take kindly to being told “no.” This is likely why she became such an enemy of Josh’s – because he was one of the few people who wasn’t afraid to stand up to her and tell her “no.”

Mindy’s Relationships

Mindy Crenshaw is a recurring character on the Nickelodeon series Drake & Josh. She is Drake and Josh’s arch-rival and Neighbor. Allison Scagliotti voices Mindy.

Mindy has had many relationships over the years, most of which have been with villains or other bad boys. She dated Four Arms from Ben 10, but he was only interested in her because she was a villain. She also dated Time Strike from Danny Phantom, but he used her to get to Danny.

Mindy has also been involved with many other villains, including the Vulture from Spider-Man, Electro from The Amazing Spider-Man 2, and Mysterio from Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Mindy’s Powers and Abilities

Mindy Crenshaw is a genius who has an eidetic memory. She can remember anything she sees or hears perfectly. Mindy is also an expert in psychology, which she uses to manipulate those around her.

In addition to her mental abilities, Mindy is also a skilled martial artist. She can take down opponents twice her size with ease.

Mindy’s greatest weapon, however, is her ability always to be one step ahead of her enemies. She can always anticipate their next move and counter it before they can make it. This makes her virtually impossible to defeat.

Mindy’s Legacy

Mindy Crenshaw was one of the most iconic villains of the early 2000s. She was the arch-nemesis of Drake and Josh, and she always seemed to be one step ahead of them. Her schemes were diabolical, and her catchphrase “I’ll get you, Drake and Josh!” was unforgettable.

Mindy’s legacy is one of a villain who was always able to outsmart her enemies. She was never afraid to take on Drake and Josh and always gave them a run for their money. Even though she eventually met her match in Megan Parker, Mindy will always be remembered as one of the greatest villains of all time.


Mindy Crenshaw is a recurring character in the Nickelodeon sitcom Drake & Josh. Allison Scagliotti portrays her. Mindy is one of the series’ main antagonists and Drake’s arch-enemy. She is also Megan’s best friend. Mindy is shown to be extremely intelligent, manipulative and cunning, able to outsmart both Drake and Josh on numerous occasions. However, she has a soft side that is occasionally shown throughout the series.

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