Is LeBron James’ Real Name Anthony McClelland?

If you’re wondering if LeBron James’s real name is Anthony McClelland, read this article. We’ll also discuss LeBron James’ open letter to his father and learn the truth about his real name. If you’re still confused, here’s a link to the original letter. If you know the true identity of Anthony McClelland, you can be sure of the authenticity of the letter.

LeBron James’ father

If you’re wondering if Anthony Mcclelland is LeBron’s father, you’re not alone. LeBron spent most of his childhood without his parents. His mother died when he was six months old, and his father was away in jail for most of his life. That leaves LeBron to be raised by his mother alone in extreme poverty. The mystery of Anthony’s whereabouts has perplexed many.

Despite his efforts, Anthony McClelland and LeBron James don’t have a close relationship. Although LeBron has spoken about his relationship with his father in the past, his father has never been physically present. He has said he misses him but has expressed gratitude for his absent father. The father of LeBron James’ son is no stranger to controversy, but he is far from the only one who has faced this type of public scrutiny.

Anthony McClelland’s real name

The first time we heard the name Anthony McClelland was when the actor was in high school and was involved in a relationship with Gloria James. He had an affair with her, and they got pregnant. The couple’s son was raised solely by Gloria, but Anthony McClelland never had contact with him. The birth father of Le Bron James and Aaron McClelland, Anthony McClelland, has avoided the media and has remained out of the spotlight.

Although it’s unlikely he was ever married, Anthony McClelland had a son with another woman, Gloria James. The child, Aaron McCelland Gamble, was born in Akron, Ohio, in 1987. His mother, however, found that Anthony wasn’t willing to raise Aaron. Aaron’s mother has also attempted to contact LeBron James in the past. While little else is known about Anthony McClelland’s professional life, his criminal record is far from shining. Various charges have been made against him, including arson. He has also been incarcerated numerous times for minor offences.

Roland Bivins is Anthony McClelland

Some people are skeptical whether Roland Bivins is the same person as LeBron James. This is because both of them were involved in the same high school in Ohio and had the same name. Roland was the star basketball player then and was compared to LeBron by his high school coach. However, his true identity is not known. In 2002, he was arrested for arson and theft. At the same time, he has not been identified as LeBron, and many other rumours about him being the same person as Gloria James.

The rumour that Roland is Anthony McClelland is based on a high school basketball player named Roland Bivins. His high school coach had compared him to LeBron James, and they shared a similar style. Although LeBron was only eight years old, his high school coach compared them. Roland was later arrested and convicted of felony crimes and changed his name to Anthony McClelland. The rumour has been around for several years but has not been verified.

LeBron James’ open letter to his father

In an open letter posted on his website, LeBron James reveals his past. As a ten-year-old, James was raised by a single mother. His biological father, Anthony McClelland, abandoned the family before he was born, and he never knew him. Although he is now a multimillionaire, he never met his biological father. He was raised by his single mother, Gloria, and was only a baby when he was born.

His mother, Gloria, was in desperate need of a father figure. She had trouble finding work, and James and Gloria moved from apartment to apartment. While McClelland never formally claimed to be his biological father, he has attempted to take advantage of James by pretending to be his father. He also fathered a son with a different woman, Aaron McClelland Gamble, born in Akron, Ohio. In 2009, he was accused of identity fraud. James’ lawyers called McClelland’s claim “delusional.” The NBA star credits his mother for raising him to be a great family man and athlete.

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