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Iiyama G-Master GB2760HSU-B1 Monitor Review

The iiyama G-Master GB2760HSU-B1 monitor is designed for gamers. Its features, such as 144Hz refresh rate and ultra-fast response time, will give you a competitive edge in a game.

Iiyama G-Master GB2760HSU-B1 Response rate

The response rate of the Iiyama G-Master GB2760HSU-B1 is decent compared to other monitors. It averages five milliseconds and has a maximum of 400 cd/m2. It is good enough for most typical usage, but it will fall short of your expectations if you plan to use it to play high-end video games. This monitor is also compatible with both AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards.

Another advantage of the Iiyama G-Master GB2760HSU is its high resolution. It supports 1920×1080 and has a responsive response rate of 144Hz. It is also compatible with G-Sync and FreeSync technology.

Iiyama G-Master GB2760HSU-B1

Contrast ratio

The GB2760HSU’s maximum brightness is 300 cd/m2, but it usually settles at around 260. It is plenty for most situations under standard lighting. It can even handle bright overhead lighting.

The contrast ratio of the Iiyama G-Master GB2760HSU-B1 is 1000:1. While this is better than other monitors, its 81-pixel-per-inch pixel density is less than ideal. The result is that pictures and text will look pixelated.

Iiyama G-Master GB2760HSU-B1

Peak brightness

The Iiyama G-Master GB2760HSU-B1 has a high-quality display and can produce a peak brightness of 300 cd/m2. It is plenty for day-to-day use under normal lighting conditions. The monitor also offers enough brightness for use in bright overhead lighting.

If you’re interested in gaming, you can’t miss the Iiyama G-Master GB2760HSU-B1. In addition to its high resolution, this monitor has a height-adjustable stand and a peak luminance of 400 cd/m2. Its 1000:1 contrast ratio makes it suitable for playing games in bright rooms and is compatible with AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards. Its 1920×1080 resolution and G-Sync compatibility will help you to enjoy a great gaming experience.

Peak contrast ratio

One of the features of the Iiyama G-Master GB2760HSU-B1 monitor is its high contrast ratio. This display is capable of achieving a 1000:1 contrast ratio. However, the picture quality is not very good because the pixel density is only 81 PPI, so you may find it difficult to see the fine details of text and images.

The Iiyama G-Master GB2760HSU-B1 monitor has a TN panel with a resolution of 27 inches. It supports AMD FreeSync technology, which is required by AMD graphics cards. It also has a VESA mount and a maximum refresh rate of 144 Hz, allowing smoother gameplay. However, it has a TN panel, which suffers from color shifting. The colors are slightly washed and have an average color depth of six bits.

Peak brightness vs. pixel density

The Iiyama GB2760HSU-B1 has a maximum brightness of 300 cd/m2. It is better than its TN and IPS counterparts. But it still falls short of the advertised 400cd/m2 full brightness. Those numbers make the screen adequate for most general use under normal lighting conditions. The minimum 206 cd/m2 is too bright for very dark environments.

The Iiyama GB2760HSU-B1 has a 1920×1080 resolution, which makes it a good choice for gamers. It also supports G-Sync and features a height-adjustable stand. Its peak brightness is 300 cd/m2, which is more than enough for everyday use under normal lighting conditions. The GB2760HSU-B1 also offers a low-end adaptive refresh rate of 30 Hz. It is also compatible with NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards.

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