How can I use the Fatal to the Flesh website in 2022?

Fatal to the Flesh is a website designed to provide a safe outlet for those struggling with depression and thoughts of self-harm. The site’s interactive features serve as a diversion from harmful ideas and an aesthetic outlet for pent-up emotions.

Rafael Rozendaal founded the website in 2004 to provide an alternative for people struggling with depression and considering self-harm. Since then, the website has helped countless people deal with their depression safely and healthily.

If you or someone you know is struggling with depression, we encourage you to check out Fatal To The Flesh. It just might be the help they need.

What is Fetal to the Flesh

The website fataltotheflesh.com displays a blank white page when accessed by users. This white paper represents the skin we all have.

As they move their cursor across the page, cuts begin to appear. These cuts represent how cuts would occur on natural human skin. The more the user interacts with the page, the more cuts appear.

After each cut, a red line will appear, and blood begins to drip, representing an accurate cut on human skin. So, this site allows users to create marks across a white screen. Remember that Fatal to the Flesh is not a site that encourages self-harm but offers an alternative. It is only for people who are in a challenging space. The activities on the site enable users to divert their minds through the stimulation game whenever they feel the need to cause self-harm.

The website’s purpose is to provide an outlet for emotions so that the feelings don’t get bottled up and lead to self-destructive steps.

Fatal to the Flesh allows users to express their distress on the site by providing a blank page to fill out.

How do you use Fatal to the Flesh?

The usability of the website is excellent. Simply going to the site’s official URL will launch a blank white page where users can make cuts manually or via an automated system.

How quickly or slowly you drag the mouse across the screen determines the depth of the cuts on the page.

Please only use this website for its intended purpose: to provide an alternative to self-harm through a safe simulation.

Benefits of using the Fatal to the Flesh Website

  • The website shows cuts in real-time, making it seem like the bleeding is happening. The goal is to prevent others from harming themselves in the same way.
  • By triggering negative feelings in the user beforehand, this simulation method can prevent users from taking any potentially life-threatening actions.
  • Keeping oneself safe from self-injury is the site’s primary focus.
  • Instead of injuring and scarring bodily tissues, this site offers a blank page on which to release pent-up emotions symbolically.
  • The cuts look more authentic and realistic thanks to the red marks that appear after each one and the blood that oozes from them. The brain finds the fulfillment it seeks in this activity.

Fatal to the Flesh: Website Information

  • The site redirects users to a blank page that says “Fatal to the Flesh” but gives no details about the band. There is a lack of user-friendly documentation.
  • Mouse clicks affect how a mark is made on paper.
  • The cut will be more noticeable, and more droplets will fall from it if the user moves the mouse faster.
  • The website received a trustworthiness score of 67%. Since its launch, users have had the option of using the more secure HTTPS connection, which is a significant plus. There was no mention of the country in the site’s technical data, which was a problem identified by the raters.
  • The website is 18 years old, as the domain was registered on February 8, 2004. The median age of a website’s audience is one indicator of its reliability.
  • Neither the website’s designers nor their development staff is identified.

When it comes to the Fatal to the Flesh Website, what do people think?

Cutting is a sensitive topic because it is difficult to comprehend for many people.

However, those who experience such hopelessness have a resource on this website.

When times are tough, the temptation to self-harm increases.

To help people satisfy their needs without inflicting harm on themselves, Fatal To The Flesh attempts to recreate the experience.

Cuts and blood appear with every click and drag across the white, empty screen.

Rather than taking their negative emotions out on themselves, visitors to the site can use the resource instead.

The goal is to prevent suicidal thoughts and behaviors in all age groups.

They may require medical or therapeutic assistance, which immediately blocks their progress.

The site aims to provide its users with a relaxing and calming environment.

In particular, those with a history of rage, anxiety, or other mental disturbances will benefit from reading Fatal to the Flesh.

The Americans have spoken, and they do not like this site.

The site, they say, encourages its users to engage in violent behavior and spreads extremist ideology.

Many defended the site because it promotes mental health by allowing people to vent their rage at a blank computer screen rather than their Flesh and blood.


The website Fatal to the Flesh aims to help people calm down and make the best of a bad situation rather than making matters worse by taking their own lives.

With good intentions, this has the potential to become a speedy release for pent-up rage and anxiety.

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John Mark
John is a seasoned article writer with a vast experience in writing articles for different publications. He has been published on sites like networkustad.com, editorialdiary.com and articlebench.org.

John Mark

John is a seasoned article writer with a vast experience in writing articles for different publications. He has been published on sites like networkustad.com, editorialdiary.com and articlebench.org.

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