Viral and Delicious Food You Must Try in 2024

Food that is currently viral on TikTok could be a culinary idea for your weekend. The thing is, there are times when you feel bored with the same old food and drinks, right? These trends appear, ranging from sweet, salty, spicy, to unique flavors that attract the attention of many people who are curious and want to try them.

With the influence of social media which makes food viral, you can turn it into a sales idea that makes people curious to try interesting and unique food. With the emergence of creative and Instagrammable food trends, food entrepreneurs are not only focusing on delicious flavors, but also on eye-catching presentations. Here are the recommendations!

1. Ace Cool Cool

Es Kul Kul, a snack made from frozen fruit, dipped in melted chocolate, and added with toppings. Even though it has been available since ancient times, this food has become popular again thanks to its viral popularity on TikTok. At first this food was hard to find, but now many sellers offer this snack.

2. Melted Block Cake

Fifth, there is the melted block cake, an Indonesian snack which is famous for its soft texture that melts inside. Has a variety of flavors, such as chocolate, cheese, or pandan. Selling melted block cakes can be an interesting option, especially when they go viral like they are now

3. Vegetable chicken nuggets

Nuggets are a practical food that many people like, especially children. However, because this food is a processed type, nuggets are not suitable to be called healthy food. This is where the idea for vegetable chicken nuggets emerged and it went quite viral on social media. It is not surprising that these vegetable chicken nuggets are a viral food that is quite popular on the market. Making vegetable chicken nuggets is also easy. CERIABET

4. Seblak Cobek Rafael

In mid-2023, this traditional and simple version of seblak went viral again after the recipe was brought by Rafael Tan, a former member of Smash. This seblak recipe is made using a mortar. The main ingredient is raw crackers which are boiled, then mixed with other kitchen spices.

5. Gohyong

Initially, the idea of ​​selling before Eid, namely Gohyong, went viral on social media because there were tent stalls selling this delicious food in the capital city of Jakarta. This typical Chinese food is filled with a mixture of ground meat and wrapped in tofu skin.

6. Pancakes and Waffles

Pancakes and Waffles are popular snacks with a soft texture on the inside and crispy on the outside. Selling Pancakes and Waffles can be a profitable business option because they are suitable as breakfast, snacks or dessert.

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