What is Relative Humidor and What is Best For Your Cigars?

Relative humidors are a great way to store cigars. They allow essential oils to seep to the drier surface. Over time, these oils will crystallize, forming a plume. Some humidors have a cedar floor, which will wick some of these oils to the bottom. While this may cause a little extra oil to accumulate, it will dissipate quickly without a trace.

Best Large Humidor

A humidor is a great way to store your cigars. These devices are usually affordable and can provide you with a variety of benefits. In addition to keeping your cigars at an ideal humidity level, they are easy to use and maintain. Many models come with many accessories that make maintaining them even more accessible. Many of these devices also have a magnetic closure and a convenient accessory drawer. Some of them even come with a torch lighter and cutter.

Another excellent option for those who enjoy storing cigars is a cedar humidor. These are made to last for years and are the Best gift for cigar enthusiasts. Some have a tempered glass top and a secure, handmade seal on the closure. They also have a moisture retention system and an observing hygrometer. Some cigar humidors also come with a humidification chamber.

Best Overall Large Humidor

When looking for the best large humidor for cigars, you should look for a humidor with two separate parts. The top part has a drawer for placing your cigars, while the bottom part has dividers that allow you to customize the order of the cigars. The lid also has a built-in humidifier and a brass-framed analog hygrometer.

The best overall large humidors for cigars today tend to be high-tech models that regulate temperature and humidity. These models are great for making a fashion statement with your cigar storage. Here’s a quick guide to some of the best models available today.

Best Wooden Large Humidor

The best wooden humidor for cigars is solid wood, not a thin veneer. While most humidors are made of shells, this one is made from solid wood and is incredibly heavy. It is also made of Afzelia burl, exotic lumber three-quarters of an inch thick and magical to the touch. Its drawbacks are that the dividers are ill-fitting and the interior is unfinished, making it challenging to keep your cigars in good shape.

When it comes to the interior, Spanish cedar is the gold standard. This type of wood is highly resistant to rot and warping and controls humidity well.

Best Cedar Wood Large Humidor

A cedar humidor is a great way to store your cigars. They stay fresh and dry for a long time with a cedar humidor. A cedar humidor is also durable, making it an excellent gift for a man. It can hold anywhere from 50 to 150 cigars and features a fan system to keep the temperature and humidity at just the proper levels.

If you enjoy Spanish cedar, you’ll probably want to purchase a humidor that uses it. This is a more expensive option but works well with humidors and cigars. Its mild odor helps to keep cigars fresher and allows them to keep their natural flavor. However, cedar humidors are susceptible to tobacco bugs.

Best Storage Capacity Large Humidor

Having a humidor is a great way to store your cigars. There are several different cigar humidors, each with features and capacities. For example, a smaller humidor may only hold about 15 cigars. However, a large humidor can store up to 500 cigars, which makes it an excellent option for serious cigar collectors.

Consider a chest style humidor if you want a large humidor that can store large amounts of cigars. These units are usually stainless steel and have automated temperature and humidity controls. You can also buy desktop humidors that are shaped like a box. These are more affordable than larger models, but they only hold ten or fifteen cigars.

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John is a seasoned article writer with a vast experience in writing articles for different publications. He has been published on sites like, and

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